Author Resources

Free Tutorials on YouTube

Euan's YouTube channel can be accessed by clicking the following link: Indie Book Publishing with Euan Mitchell.

Free Ebook: Let's Get Digital

David Gaughran is an Irish author who lives in Portugal (of course!) who has some excellent resources for indie authors. You might like to subscribe to his very helpful newsletter after you've downloaded his free ebook about publishing ebooks: Let's Get Digital. David has other helpful books on ebook marketing, including a marketing guide to the ebook sales service BookBub.

Your Book Publishing Options

Euan's 2014 title Your Book Publishing Options: How to Make and Market Ebooks and Print Books is available as an ebook from Amazon. You can also find printed copies in many Australian libraries. If it is not in your local library, then try searching the catalogues of nearby libraries and requesting an inter-library loan.

Alternatively, you can buy a printed copy directly from Euan for $35 (including postage within Australia). A PDF with updates to the 2014 edition (95% of the information is still the same) is also available by emailing Euan.

Cover Design and WorkingType

If you are looking for a superb cover designer at a reasonable price, then I highly recommend contacting Luke Harris at WorkingType. His website has samples of his eye-catching book covers and he can also lay out the text of your book in InDesign so the pages look like those of a traditionally published book. Luke can also arrange the formatting of your ebook. If you need help meeting the requirements of 'Printing On Demand' via Ingram Spark or similar online printers, then Luke has you covered.