Dr Euan Mitchell

Taking a Different Path to Publication

Euan understands what it's like to spend years writing a first novel only to have it rejected by a string of publishers and literary agents. However, his experience was not unusual because publishers typically offer a book deal to only one or two out of a thousand manuscripts that they receive. In Australia it is even harder for new writers to sign with a literary agent in order to be represented by an advocate who is known to publishers.

Instead of leaving the pages of his manuscript to turn yellow in a bottom drawer, Euan decided to self-publish by drawing on his previous experience as a senior editor for a major publisher. Even with this background, his learning curve was still very steep.

Launched in 1998, his novel became an independent bestseller, was short-listed for a readers' choice award and also optioned for a movie by an independent film company. He also had the satisfaction of reading media reviews that recommended Feral Tracks over similar books by mainstream publishers who had previously rejected his manuscript. Publishers in Australia and New Zealand later published his novel.

Assisting New and Emerging Writers

In 2000 Hardie Grant Books somewhat ironically published Euan's book Self-Publishing Made Simple: The Ultimate Australian Guide. It wasn't long before writers groups all around Australia invited Euan to deliver workshops for new and emerging writers who wanted to learn alternatives to traditional publishing. This engagement led to Euan winning a full-time scholarship to study for a PhD in Professional/Creative Writing, which he completed in 2005.

From 2001 to 2018, Euan taught writing, editing and publishing at universities and TAFE colleges. Some of his students became published authors after workshopping their initial drafts in Euan's classes, including Sue Williams (Text Publishing), Nicki Reed (Text Publishing) and Elizabeth Jane Corbett (Odyssey Books).

When the 'indie author' (self-publishing) boom took off in 2011, Euan was commissioned by the Australian Society of Authors, from their thousands of members, to write Your Book Publishing Options: How to Make and Market Ebooks and Print Books. To demonstrate the knowledge inside this book, Euan started OverDog Press in 2014 to publish Your Book Publishing Options as well as re-release his other books, including Making Noises.

In 2019 Euan started his own writing-editing business to assist new and emerging writers from all walks of life to launch their books into orbit. In 2023, after thirty years in book publishing, Euan is even more convinced that a vibrant independent writing community delivers choice, ideas, engagement and opportunity for everyone who enjoys books.