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by Euan Mitchell 

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Writing a Book

Writing a book is harder than many people think. After countless hours sitting at a desk, you might need the help of a physiotherapist just to keep writing. Fear of failure is ever present and can sometimes block your progress or even derail your entire writing project. Time management is a whole other story.

You might have done well at English in school or perhaps scored high distinctions for essays at university, but writing a book that can compete in the marketplace requires an even higher level of application, discipline and ability. Fortunately, competent writers can become good writers by studying the craft of writing and absorbing lessons from writers they do and don't like.

Connect with an Editor and Author Who Understands

So when you've drafted your masterpiece, what are your next steps? Perhaps the services and resources offered via this website might help you. Please feel free to email Euan Mitchell about your book he doesn't bite and his thirty years working as an editor and author in mainstream and independent 'indie' publishing means he understands the choices you are facing. As the headline on the Contact page says: "The only stupid question is the one you don't ask."


"As a novice author, I knew I needed help in the editing department, but wasn’t sure where to get it. Fortunately, I found Euan was offering a free 1500-word copyedit of a sample of my manuscript, with no obligation to continue with a full edit. I took up the offer, and I’m so glad I did. Euan’s response was prompt, thorough, educational and encouraging. My writing wasn’t as bad as I feared, but vastly improved following Euan’s edit. I checked Euan’s fees for a full edit and found them to be most reasonable, so gave him the job. We have been in regular contact over the succeeding twelve months, and I have benefitted greatly from his friendly, personal approach and his wide knowledge of the sometimes torturous road from manuscript to publication. I am now a published author, and I’m well advanced on my second manuscript. I look forward to throwing it, when completed, at Euan’s feet."
R J (Rob) Murdoch author of crime novel Finchie and the Makings of Murder

"Working with Dr Euan Mitchell was a  wonderful experience. His knowledge and excellent advice have guided me to where I am now, with a growing number of readers. Some of the most positive feedback has been how well-edited, flawless and easy-to-read my novel is. This helped my readers to focus on enjoying the story and, for that, I cannot thank Euan enough. If you want someone to bring the best out of your work at a reasonable price, I highly recommend Dr Mitchell."
Homeira  Soufi, author of The Tears of Mount Sinjar